Goa Churches

Another tourist attraction in Goa is the magnificent churches, which remain as silent but forceful witnesses to the intense religious history of the diverse people who lived here.. These Churches are famous for their architecture which is a blend of two or more forms. In early days during Portuguese rule church building was the prime concern and occupation in Goa with the aim of spreading Christianity and converting as many people as they can. Most of these churches were built in Old Goa which is now is a world heritage site. And today the churches are important part of Goa’s religious, cultural and social life.


Mae de Deus Church, Saligao

Mae de Deus Church, Saligao
The exquisite wooden statue of Mae De Deus is a beautiful example of Goa Workmanship painted in golden colour. This wooden statue was originally from the Mae De Deus Church of Daujim-Old Goa and was taken ceremoniously in a decorated boat across the Mandovi River to Betim. The immaculate white Mae De Deus Church of Saligao has the typical pointed arch, with buttresses supporting its exteriors, belfry, and spikes all so arranged to create a wonderful and unique piece of Gothic architecture. It is the only one of its kind in the whole of Goa. The church dedicated to the Mother of God or Our Lady. Illuminated view of the Mae De Deus Church in Saligao, Bardez at the evenings and the nights has an exquisite charisma and worth viewing.

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